Encased breaks out at the Koch Media Primetime showcase with a new trailer

From Dark Crystal Games, the isometric dystopian sci-fi RPG named Encased gets a new gameplay trailer for the Koch Media Primetime showcase.


Encased, a new isometric RPG with a dystopian flavor from Dark Crystal Games received a new gameplay trailer at the Koch Media Primetime showcase. Set in an alternate universe in the 1970's, Encased takes place under the Dome found in a remote desert. Encased was released to Steam Early Access on PCs on September 26, 2019.

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Dark Crystal Games is a new independent developer that has now partnered with Koch Media and its new game publishing arm, Prime Matter. During the Koch Media Primetime showcase, we got to take a new look at Dark Crystal Game's upcoming freshman effort, Encased. Set in the far-flung past of the 1970's, Encased takes place in an alternate universe with a distinctly dystopian sci-fi setting where the player encounters an enormous Dome in the middle of a remote desert.

The tactical isometric RPG will see players starting out in one of five divisions for the C.H.R.O.N.U.S. corporation, and each wing will provide different features, mechanics, and options. On the journey into the Dome, the future of it and its inhabitants can be altered through the protagonist's actions. The new trailer shows off several environments found throughout the game, both inside and outside the Dome. Also featured is the heavily 70's inspired aesthetic and art style found through Encased.

The video details the five wings that can be selected at the start of the game. The Black Wing focuses on gunplay and violence with engineering and repair being handled by the Blue Wing. Science, math, and medicine looks to be the domain of the White Wing.  Players can even assume the role of management in the Silver Wing. Everyone else that falls through the cracks ends up in the Silver Wing as a criminal or miscreant. With heavy Fallout and Wasteland vibes, Encased brings more dystopian sci-fi RPG action to fans eager for isometric adventures. The secrets of the Dome are waiting to be uncovered. For more from Summer Game Fest 2021 and the Koch Media Primetime showcase, keep it locked to Shacknews.

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