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How Apotheosis Studios got their start in TTRPGs

We spoke with the creators of Apotheosis Studios about their work in the D&D world.


Often teetering into the video game world, D&D and tabletop RPGs pop up in our coverage here on Shacknews from time to time, typically on our YouTube channel. With that in mind, it was really neat that we had the opportunity to speak with the leads over at Apotheosis Studios, the company behind Sirens: Battle of the Bards.

Head of Video Greg Burke spoke with Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone from Apotheosis Studios in a recent interview. In the video, the two talk about how they got into Dungeons and Dragons and the world of TTRPG as fans, and then professionals. The duo shares stories of how they faced continuous rejection before things started to work out in their favor.

A major talking point of the interview was Sirens: Battle of the Bards, which is a new D&D 5e campaign described as an “epic, Bard-infused journey set in the bohemian city of Salvata where Bards are thrown into the crucible of conquest and battle for the heart of a growing empire.”

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for Sirens: Battle of the Bards. If you’re interested in more interviews with interesting creators, be sure to check out our wealth of content on the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels.

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