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Star Trek Online settles the Klingon conflict with House United

Fight with honor in this latest update to Star Trek Online, which closes the book on the Klingon Civil War.


The Klingons have been at war for many months, but now it's officially time to bring an end to the Klingon Civil War in Star Trek Online. On Tuesday, the team at Cryptic Studios launched Star Trek Online's latest season, titled House United. This will bring the long-running Klingon conflict to a close with two new episodes.

The Warriors of the Empire episode centers around the resurrection of Klingon warrior L'Rell, who fans will remember from Star Trek: Discovery. With L'Rell and J'Ula at your side, the central objective will involve building an army and rallying support to your side. Once your army is in place, it'll be time to jump into the next episode, A Day Long Remembered. This will be the episode that closes the book on the Klingon Civil War and features noteworthy Klingon characters like Aakar, General Martok, and Adet'Pa. All of these characters will feature voices from their original actors from across the Star Trek series.

Tuesday's update will also feature a new event called Only Qo'noS Endures, which will offer some new rewards centered around the Klingon Civil War. Those looking to experience the end of the big Klingon Conflict in a more exciting fashion can take part in the new five-Captain Task Force Operation called Remain Klingon, which takes place over Qo'noS. Plus, three new patrols will be available, based on the Warriors of the Empire episode.

Star Trek Online's House United episode is up and running today on PC. Anyone who logs in can pick up a free Experimental Ship Upgrade. If you're on console, your wait for this update will be a little longer. PlayStation and Xbox owners won't get it until August 3.

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