How to get Psi-Points - Biomutant

Start getting more Psi-Points so you can unlock more powerful Psi-Powers in Biomutant.


Psi-Points are one of the many upgrade currencies in Biomutant. Any player that is looking to increase their Psi-Powers will need to know how to get Psi-Points, and even how to unlock the ability to purchase certain Psi-Powers. Once you’ve got this knowledge, you’ll become an unstoppable force as you explore the vast world of Biomutant.

How to get Psi-Points

biomutant psi-points shrine
These little shrines will reward you with Psi-Points.

Psi-Points are awarded for doing various things as you play Biomutant. You might find you earn some as you complete story missions or engage in combat. However, you are also guaranteed to get a Psi-Point when you interact with some of the Psi-Point shrines dotted around the map.

A Psi-Point hrine looks like a kind of tepee built around rocks using wood and some fabric. As you get closer to a shrine, a white pulse will appear on your screen, helping you track down its exact location. When you get to it, press the interact button to mediate at it, which will award a Psi-Point! From here, you can either save them up or spend them on new Psi-Powers.

How to unlock Psi-Powers

biomutant psi-powers aura
You need a certain Aura level to unlock specific Psi-Powers.

Unlike some of the other abilities that can be unlocked whenever you want, Psi-Powers have a prerequisite that must be met before you can buy them. This purchase condition is based on your Aura. Some Psi-Powers require a Light Aura while others require a Dark Aura. Pushing your Aura in one direction will unlock even better Psi-Powers.

What this means is that you will likely want to really focus in on the Psi-Powers you want to unlock. When you first start the game, look at the Psi-Powers and decide which one you like most. If you prefer the Dark ones, focus on only picking mean dialogue options or violent actions. Do the opposite if you want the Psi-Powers that are locked behind high Light Aura levels.

By understanding how to unlock new Psi-Powers, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your full potential. There is, of course, the little problem of getting more Psi-Points – so make sure you keep tracking down those shrines. Stop by the Shacknews Biomutant page for more nifty tips and guidance.

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