How to fast travel - Biomutant

Speed up your journey around the world of Biomutant by using the fast travel system.


While you will want to explore the gorgeous world of Biomutant, sometimes you might want to quickly move around the map, which is where fast travel comes in. Biomutant features an extremely helpful, and quite cheeky, fast travel mechanic, and it’s available right away.

How to fast travel

After you finish the tutorial area in the bunker and make it outside, Biomutant will teach you how to fast travel. Basically, there are signposts dotted around the map which, when you interact with them, let you fast travel from one to another. You can also open the map and select them and automatically be whisked away to far-flung locations.

biomutant fast travel
Find a signpost and "mark" it to unlock it as a fast travel point.

But before you can fast travel to a location, you must first find it. This prevents you from traveling to new locations you’ve never visited – you’ll have to make it there first! As for the cheeky part of the fast travel system, whenever you find and interact with a new signpost, your furry little rodent character will “mark” the post with their urine – as animals are known to do.

Once a signpost has been marked, it will appear on your map as a blinking yellow circle. They can be a bit hard to see sometimes, so look out for the pulse.

biomutant fast travel map
Fast travel points appear as yellow circles.

At the start of Biomutant, you won’t have a lot of fast travel points unlocked, which means you need to do some exploring! Whenever you reach a new area, make sure to find a signpost and mark it, so you can quickly leave and come back if it’s too hard. Another idea is to just run around as much of the map as you can, marking everything so you can zip around wherever you want.

Now that you know how to fast travel in Biomutant, you can start traveling around a bit faster and exploring those areas you said you’d get back to later. While you wait for the game to load as you fast travel, head over to the Shacknews Biomutant page for more tips.

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