Fuser's Headliner Spotlight update adds new Diamond Stage

Fuser's latest update opens the door for players to take the new Diamond Stage and perform for hundreds of fans around the world in-game and on Twitch.


Fuser has been allowing music lovers to express themselves for the past six months. There has been no shortage of virtual stages in Harmonix's latest effort. But, what if there was one stage to rule them all? A stage where the full Fuser fanbase can watch you perform? With the new Headliner Spotlight update, Fuser is introducing a brand new Diamond Stage, which will be home to featured performers.

Fuser's new Diamond Stage will run 24/7, allowing players to play their catalog in front of hundreds of Fuser players. The Diamond Stage can be seen directly from within the Fuser game itself. If you're not playing Fuser right now, you can also watch the current Diamond Stage performer from the all-new Fuser Headliner Twitch channel. Twitch Drops will be enabled, so be sure to pick up some Twitch-exclusive Fuser gear while you're enjoying each performer's sets.

Alright, that explains how to watch the Diamond Stage. Now, how does one play on the Diamond Stage? The answer to that will come in the form of an overhauled Fuser economy. New Diamond currency can be earned through normal in-game activities and can be spent in the new Diamond Shop. The Diamond Shop will feature customizable items for both your DJ and the Diamond Stage itself. Earn enough Diamonds and you can rent out the Diamond Stage for a 30-minute set. These Diamonds can only be earned through in-game activities, as Harmonix has emphatically stated that there will be no microtransactions around the Diamond Stage.

The new Headliner Spotlight update also comes with a revamp to Fuser's social interface, improvements to DJ profiles, an improved recommendation engine, and more. Fuser's Headliner Spotlight update and the Diamond Stage are all up and running today on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you haven't jumped into the Shacknews Most Overlooked Game of 2020 yet, it's a good time to do so, especially as Fuser's price tag recently dropped to a permanent $39.99 USD.

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