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MOVO interview: 2021 Product Showcase

MOVO aims to help photographers and videographers get the most out of their equipment. We speak with them about their best new products for 2021.


Advances in the worldwide adoption of high-speed internet have opened completely new types of markets and fundamentally changed the way people communicate. The ability to produce quality audio and video content is critical for success, from the smallest hobby user all the way up to the world’s biggest brands. MOVO aims to help content creators produce the best material possible with a variety of equipment and accessories.

We got an opportunity to sit down with MOVO’s Richard Ngo-Tran to get an idea of what new products the company has available for those looking to push their output quality to the next level.

MOVO targets multiple markets, including vloggers, podcasters, streamers, filmmakers, and more. Budding video game streamers will find lots of value in MOVO’s audio interfaces and mixers. This equipment facilitates a jump in quality over what you can get with a simple webcam.

Podcasting setups can be upgraded with MOVO lavalier mics and professional-quality digital audio recorders. They also offer a variety of camera-mounted microphones, GoPro mic accessories, and wireless microphones for presentation and entertainment purposes. Even smartphone users can find the stuff they need to amplify their final output to near-professional quality.

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