Does Resident Evil Village have New Game Plus?

Is there a New Game + once you've rolled credits on Resident Evil Village? Check out our guide for details on the post game!


Resident Evil Village is an action-packed thrill ride filled to the brim with blood-hungry monsters and the kind of weaponry that can tear them a new one. When you’ve finally come to the end, you should have quite the arsenal at your disposal. However, does access to that arsenal have to end at the credits? What happens when you’ve wrapped up Resident Evil Village’s final challenges? Well, we have the answers right here for your benefit regarding the presence of New Game plus. Strap in and we’ll show you how it works.

Does Resident Evil Village have New Game Plus?

When you want to start a New Game Plus run in Resident Evil Village, just select your Completed Data file.

The fast answer the question of New Game Plus in Resident Evil Village is yes. When you finish the game, you create a Completed Data save file and it opens a lot of new opportunities to you. First off, as discussed in our review, you can open the post-game shop that allows you to purchase character models, concept art, The Mercenaries mode, special weapons, and infinite ammo bonuses on all existing weapons you’ve upgraded to the max in one playthrough.

Perhaps more importantly, you can open up your completed save file from the Load Game menu to start a New Game Plus playthrough of Resident Evil Village. Just go to Load Game, locate your Completed Data save, and select it to load. It will ask what difficulty you want to play and then start the game over.

If your inventory was anything like ours after finishing Resident Evil Village, the first lycans in New Game Plus are in for a treat.
If your inventory was anything like ours after finishing Resident Evil Village, the first lycans in New Game Plus are in for a treat.

What’s the difference between New Game Plus and the regular playthrough? Well, everything that you collected in Ethan’s inventory by the time you finished the game and rolled credits remains available for your use once you enter the village in Resident Evil Village for the first time. Your favorite shotgun? Yup. That decked-out pistol? Heck yeah. The Grenade Launcher and all those pipe bombs? You better believe it. It’ll all be there just as you left it when you completed the game. If you felt like a monster by the end of the game, you’re going to be bristling with bullets when you start fresh with everything you had intact.

Now that you know how to start a proper New Game Plus run, be sure to circle back to our other Resident Evil Village coverage to aid you in all your other survival endeavors in the game.

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