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Tripwire Interactive's new work model lets employees choose remote, on-site, or hybrid work

In a pandemic and post-pandemic era of new normals, Tripwire Interactive is looking to meet the needs of its employees head-on with a 'Next Gen Work Model'.


The COVID-19 pandemic shifted a lot of our usual routines and expectations over the course of the last year and even when it’s gone, it seems plenty clear that some changes and adaptations shouldn’t really go away. On-site and remote work is a pretty big part of that as many game developers and publishers have actively found out. Even as some things are starting to return to what could be considered normal, some groups are meeting the matter head-on. Tripwire Interactive, for instance, has just introduced a “Next Gen Work Model” with the intention of giving employees full flexibility in on-site, remote, or hybrid work plans in the coming future.

Tripwire Interactive announced its new Next Gen Work Model in a press release on May 14, 2021. According to the announcement, the publisher behind such games as Killing Floor, Chivalry, Maneater, and many more will soon be allowing its employees to choose between plans that allow for on-site, remote, or hybrid work depending upon their personal situations and needs.

Tripwire Interactive's new "Next Gen Work Model" is meant to provide comfort and safety to those who wish to work remotely while also supplying for those that desire the proper office environment.
Tripwire Interactive's new "Next Gen Work Model" is meant to provide comfort and safety to those who wish to work remotely while also supplying for those that desire the proper office environment, and everything in between.

Tripwire Interactive’s new initiative is one of a few that have come out of adjusted and adapted moods regarding the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s one the company intends to make permanent to suit its employees.

“By offering fully customizable hybrid, in-office and remote work opportunities, employees at Tripwire can choose to create a work plan of their own that best suits their personal and professional needs,” the announcement reads. “As they adapted to the physical restrictions of the recent pandemic, Tripwire discovered there were great benefits to offering remote work yet found that many employees shared they were missing the benefits of on-site work… Tripwire believes this new approach will not only foster a more productive and creative environment amongst their teams, but will also add a layer of diversity to their staff that solely in-office work does not as easily afford.”

There have certainly been other groups that aimed to create an adaptive approach to work following the “new normal”. Groups like Apple and Nintendo started work-from-home initiatives early in the pandemic for employee safety while other companies like Shopify and Square Enix developed more permanent solutions to cater to employee situations even after the pandemic’s end.

That said, Tripwire Interactive’s elective on-site, remote, and hybrid opportunity seems like an incredibly flexible and adaptive answer to the challenges that ongoing strains on employee health and mentality have gone through during the pandemic and beyond. The model is likely something most companies in a position like Tripwire could look to as we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and even the time after the world finally recovers from its debilitating effects.

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