Frostpunk Mobile announced for iOS and Android

Frostpunk's fight for societal survival is now set to come to mobile devices.


It's been less than a year since 11 Bit Studios wrapped up the Frostpunk story with the game's final DLC. What's left to do with the city-building survival game? The answer is to take it onto mobile devices. On Friday, 11 Bit announced that it was partnering up with the mobile game experts at NetEase Games to work on a handheld effort called Frostpunk Mobile.

"Paying heritage to the unique signature gameplay mechanics that you lot are already used to, Frostpunk Mobile will let players dive deeper into the post-apocalypse societal survival experience," reads the Frostpunk Steam page. "With new features including Roguelike Adventure, Law and Guild, Rare Animal Rescue Station, and Character Development, Frostpunk Mobile has set its sight on providing an immersive experience for all players worldwide, on both iOS and Android."

Frostpunk Mobile will follow many of the same beats as the PC and console versions of the game, the former of which first released in 2018. Players will take on the role of leader of the last city on Earth. Leadership means managing resources, solving conflicts, and making sure the city survives the harsh winter. Players will not only need to wrestle with the elements but also with their own morality, as they are forced to make more difficult decisions as the elements become more unforgiving.

According to an issued press release, readable over on the Frostpunk Mobile website, the release timeline for the mobile survival game will be announced at the NetEase Games Annual Product Launch Event, which is set to take place on May 20. There is no word at this time on whether the game will be a premium purchase or a free-to-play game.

Shacknews will endeavor to follow this Frostpunk Mobile story as it develops. Be sure to come back in the weeks ahead as we learn more about 11 Bit Studios and NetEase Games' plans for the mobile incarnation of this breakout indie hit.

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