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SteelSeries Moments software can capture and edit your gameplay

The PC peripheral maker hopes to make sharing clips of gaming moments easier for the end-user.


It can be frustrating to experience a unique or exciting moment while playing a game and having no way to record and share it with friends or an online community. SteelSeries, famous for its variety of gaming mice, keyboards, and other peripherals, hopes to make that frustration a thing of the past with the new Moments software. Moments can help gamers capture, edit, and share gameplay clips with ease.

SteelSeries Moments is free to download and is tightly integrated with the company’s new GG platform. GG is a software suite that brings together the full array of products that SteelSeries users could want or need to get the most out of their PC gaming experience. It houses Engine, the program that offers in-depth mouse and keyboard settings, RGB lighting adjustments, and macro programming. GG also offers users access to the latest giveaways and promotions from SteelSeries.

The Moments package offers the following functionality:

  • Clip – Moments utilizes a custom hotkey to easily capture gameplay highlights as they happen. It offers both game and screen capture options, as well as the ability to capture clips while streaming. Moments works with all of the top video games, all three of the major GPU manufacturers, and automatically records gameplay with no lag.
  • Edit – Once a game is over, the player can easily review and sort through all of their recorded clips in the Moments Gallery. An in-app advanced video editor allows for non-destructive editing for start and end slates, as well as the ability to add video effects such as text overlays and GIFs from Giphy. Additionally, gamers can always revert to the original clip that was created.
  • Share – To make sharing easy, Moments enables gamers to upload their clips directly to YouTube and Gfycat. Further options include easy drag and drop sharing on other channels or in Direct Messages (DMs), including, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, with more channels coming soon.

Enhanced support for specific games will also allow for automated clipping of the most exciting moments from your favorite titles. At launch, Moments offers auto-clipping with League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2. Support for Valorant and Fortnite will be available at a later date. Interested gamers can grab Moments from the SteelSeries website.

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