Illumina Pokemon and how to take their picture - New Pokemon Snap

There's more to snapping an Illumina Pokemon than just pointing your camera at it. You're going to have to work for these shots and Shacknews is here to help.


Taking pictures of the various creatures in New Pokemon Snap can often prove to be a challenge in itself. A lot has to go right in order to snap the perfect photo. On top of that, New Pokemon Snap ups the degree of difficulty significantly for a specific few Pokemon. These are the Illumina Pokemon, which have a special tie to the game's story. Finding them can be tough. Taking their picture can be even tougher. Need a hand? Shacknews is here to help.

Note: In laying out this process, there are naturally going to be some spoilers, so turn back now if you'd rather progress naturally.

Illumina Pokemon and how to take their picture - New Pokemon Snap

There are five Illumina Pokemon across New Pokemon Snap with a sixth and final one saved for the game's final level. It can take some effort to find these Pokemon and their habitat. Even once you find them, taking their picture will not be an easy feat. Let's break down each of the Illumina Pokemon and how to get their picture.


Location: Florio

Meganium is straightforward, acting as an introduction to the Illumina Pokemon phenomenon. This Pokemon will already have the Illumina effect surrounding it, so once you see it, just start snapping pictures. Use some Illumina Orbs for some even better shots.

Taking pictures of Illumina Pokemon is not always this easy. In fact, the difficulty ramps up significantly from here.


Location: Voluca

Volcarona is where things start to get really tough. There are two of this Fire-type legendary flying within the heart of the Voluca volcano. It will immediately surround itself with a veil of fire. If you take its picture in this form, it will not count. You must get it to stop summoning fire first.

Use fluffruit as a projectile to bop the Volcarona. Aiming fluffruit is a difficult task in this game, but just lob as many of them as you can. Remember that your fluffruit supply is infinite. If you make contact with Volcarona, it will stop using fire. This is still not enough, though. You must then throw an Illumina Orb at it in order to induce the Illumina effect. Once Volcarona is lit up, take its picture as quickly as possible. You won't have much time before it calls up fire again.

Volcarona is a very difficult encounter, but also one with a lot of possibilities. Because there are two of them, challenge yourself to extinguishi them both so that you can get some tandem shots.


Location: Belusylva

Milotic is very camera shy and will stay submerged in the forest river, making it impossible to snap a picture. You must get it to surface first. Aim fluffruit into the river so that you bop it anywhere across its lengthy body. You're going to have to aim carefully, because fluffruit trajectory is difficult to nail and Milotic is annoyingly fast.

Once you make contact, Milotic will launch itself above water. You're still not ready to take its picture, though. You must induce the Illumina effect or any pictures will not count, so throw your Illumina Orbs at the Milotic after it surfaces. Once you invoke the Illumina effect, it'll stay on Milotic even after it goes back in the water, which can offer up some cool swimming shots.


Location: Maricopia

Wishiwashi can be difficult, just because getting a picture takes multiple steps. For one thing, the Illumina effect can only be invoked on Wishiwashi's School Form. That means you'll first need to throw Illumina Orbs at several individual Wishiwashis before they'll bunch together. Once they're in their School Form, you'll then need to throw a batch of Illumina Orbs at the now-bigger Wishiwashi, but even that's going to prove difficult because there's almost no visibility on the ocean floor.

Use your Scan button to keep track of Wishiwashi's whereabouts. Once you find it, throw your Illumina Orbs to start the Illumina effect and take your pictures fast. Wishiwashi won't stay in its School Form for very long and if the school scatters, you'll have to start over. Fortunately, you'll have several cracks at the chance because the duration to snap Wishiwashi as you need to is fairly long compared to the other Illumina Spots.


Location: Durice

Strap in, because Steelix can be brutally difficult, mainly because of how fast it moves. Steelix will dig through the cave's walls and will hide in one of the holes. You can only flush it out with Fluffruit, but you'll have to throw them hard to make contact. If you do make contact, Steelix will move quickly and you'll have to react fast in order to hit it with Illumina Orbs. Even if you do manage to connect with Illumina Orbs, the Illumina effect will not last long. Even if you take "bad" pictures (like we did in this shot above), just take anything. Try and take better pictures on the next run.

Trust your Scan function to find Steelix's hiding spot. Once you pinpoint it, let the fluffruit fly and get your camera ready.


Location: Aurus

This section is developing and will be updated soon...

There are the Illumina Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. Getting a picture, period, won't be easy, much less a good picture. Best of luck to you! We'll be updating our New Pokemon Snap guides in the days ahead, so be sure to follow Shacknews for all of the latest news and updates.

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