How many areas are in New Pokemon Snap?

Want an idea of how long your New Pokemon Snap journey will be? Let's look at how many levels are in the game.


New Pokemon Snap brings along a number of new courses. What's that number exactly? Well, that depends on how you look at the game. There are many individual courses, but they each have multiple layouts. This is going to take some explanation and, fortunately, Shacknews is here to clear things up.

Note: In answering this question, there are naturally going to be some spoilers, so turn back now if you'd rather progress naturally.

How many areas are in New Pokemon Snap?

You'll discover the following playable areas in New Pokemon Snap: Florio Nature Park, Founja Jungle, Blushing Beach, Maricopia Reef, Lental Seafloor, Sweltering Sands, Fireflow Volcano, Elsewhere Forest, Shiver Snowfields, Outaway Cave, and Ruins of Remembrance. That's 11 stages in total, not counting the Research Camp itself, which also becomes playable several hours into the game. But to reiterate, these stages contain several revamped layouts depending on day, night, and whether there's an Illumina Pokemon spotted in the area.

So let's break down the level count:

  • Florio Nature Park
    • Park (Day)
    • Park (Night) - Unlocked after collecting 40,000 Expedition points on Park (Day).
    • Illumina Spot - Unlocked after playing through Park (Night)
  • Founja Jungle
    • Jungle (Day)
    • Jungle (Night) - Unlocked after collecting 35,000 Expedition Points on Jungle (Day).
  • Blushing Beach
    • Beach (Day)
    • Beach (Night) - Unlocked after collecting 45,000 Expedition Points on Shiver Snowfields (Night).
  • Sweltering Sands
    • Sands (Day)
    • Sands (Night) - Unlocked after collecting 30,000 Expedition Points on Sands (Day).
  • Maricopia Reef
    • Reef (Day)
    • Reef (Night) - Unlocked after completing the story.
  • Lental Seafloor
    • Undersea
    • Illumina Spot - Unlock Undersea Research Level 3 and take the alternative path at the beginning of the course.
  • Research Camp (Bonus)
    • Research Camp - Available from the main menu after snapping two Illumina Pokemon.
  • Fireflow Volcano
    • Volcano
    • Illumina Spot - Unlock Volcano Research Level 2 and snap a picture of the Ancient Ruins near the end of that stage.
  • Elsewhere Forest
    • Forest
    • Illumina Spot - Unlocked after collecting 40,000 Expedition Points on Forest.
  • Shiver Snowfields
    • Snowfields (Day)
    • Snowfields (Night) - Unlocked after collecting 25,000 Expedition Points on Snowfields (Day).
  • Outaway Cave
    • Cave
    • Illumina Spot - Unlock Cave Research Level 2, take the alternate path, and snap a picture of the Ancient Ruins.
  • Ruins of Remembrance
    • Ruins
    • Illumina Spot - Unlock the Illumina Orb for the region and then light up all of the Crystalbloom locations in Ruins in a single run.

On paper, these are the playable areas in New Pokemon Snap. However, each stage will feature multiple Research Levels. Playing each stage on a different Research Level can result in different paths, different Pokemon sightings, different Pokemon behaviors, and various other surprises. Once they're unlocked all different Research Levels are playable.

That's how many areas are playable in New Pokemon Snap. When you also count the various items you'll unlock over the course of the game, including regional Illumina Orbs, you'll find yourself playing these stages many times. So don't look for your New Pokemon Snap safari to be a short one. We'll be updating our New Pokemon Snap guides with our findings, so be sure to follow Shacknews for all of the latest news and updates.

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