World of Tanks: Modern Armor interview: Committing To Historical Accuracy

The tank battle MMO is ready to enter a new era with the console-exclusive release of World of Tanks: Modern Armor.


As one of the most successful MMOs in recent years, World of Tanks enjoys a strong player base who love nothing more than to exchange high-caliber rounds of artillery at each other. Originally available on PC, the game eventually found its way onto consoles. This week, the console versions of the game are getting a massive new update under the name World of Tanks: Modern Armor.

Our resident Video Shaman Greg Burke got an opportunity to speak with members of Wargaming, the studio behind World of tanks. Lead Designer Jeff Gregg and Lead Artist Andy Dorizas spoke with Burke at length about Modern Armor and what it means for the franchise going forward. 

The World of Tanks: Modern Armor update brings a host of game-changing features, including:

  • Cold War mode - The Cold War game mode has been added and is available to play in multiplayer to face off against other human opponents or in Co-Op mode to team up with humans to take down the enemy AI team.
    • Cold War initially launches with two affiliations, Western Alliance and Eastern Alliance, covering three eras of time with three tanks per era for a total of eighteen Tech Tree tanks. Further Tech Tree expansion covering additional nations within the affiliations as well as new affiliations will be coming in the future!
  • Consumables - Two new Consumables have been added for Cold War vehicles. These Consumables are only available for Cold War vehicles and are not available to World War II.
    • Smokescreen - The Smokescreen Consumable was designed with the Cold War Vision System in mind. It provides players a way to prevent the enemy from seeing you while you retreat back to safety. It can also come in handy for up close and personal engagements when dealing with a more mobile enemy. If you find yourself being circled, deploy a Smokescreen as a defensive measure to cause the enemy’s auto-lock to disengage. It will be difficult for them to drive in circles while having to manually aim, taking away the advantage they had.
    • Hull Patch Kits - The Hull Patch Kit Consumable allows you to maximize your life expectancy on the battlefield. While one use won’t undo the damage received from a shot, you can undo an early game mistake or restore enough health to make a difference in the outcome of a battle.
  • Cold War Vision System - The Vision System (also known as the Vehicle Detection System) is what governs how and when vehicles appear to players in battle based on whether they are detected or not at any given moment and how you can interact with that vehicle. The Cold War Vision System’s main effect is that all combatant vehicle models are always rendered at all times and no longer pop into existence.
    • Cold War Vision System will be enabled in Cold War battles only. It will not be enabled in World War II battles.

You can check out the entirety of what the Modern Armor update brings to World of Tanks at the game’s official website. For more unboxings, reviews, and interviews with all the folks responsible for creating the biggest games and technological advances in the industry, be sure to check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels.

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