How to kick - Resident Evil Village

Guarding, or blocking, at the right time in Resident Evil Village can give Ethan an opportunity to counterattack with a swift kick.


Ethan has done a good job of surviving and now he’s got a new tool to use Resident Evil Village: guarding and kicking. By blocking at the right time, Ethan is able to follow up the move with a counterattack, launching a kick at his opponent and giving him some more space. This guard and kick move isn’t easy to pull off, unless you know how it works.

How to kick after a block

Much like Resident Evil Biohazard, Resident Evil Village has a guard ability that lets Ethan block damage. While it doesn’t block all damage, it does at least mitigate a lot of the damage he would take if he hadn’t of blocked. However, Village does something different in that Ethan can guard and then follow it up with a counterattack in the form of a kick. Pulling this off requires some good timing.

resident evil village how to kick
If you time the block (Guard) right, you can push enemies away with a kick.

To perform a guard and kick combo, you must first successfully guard an enemy attack. Guard by pressing the appropriate button, which is L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox. If you’ve guarded at the right time, you can then press L1/LB again to perform a kick.

The Guard and Kick combo can be rather difficult to learn. The best way to practice is to pop the game on the Casual difficulty and let enemies attack you. After enough time, you should begin to get a feel of when to guard to get the counterattack opening.

Once you master the guard and counterattack timing, you’ll be able to employ the block and kick move whenever you need. This will be especially helpful on Hardcore and Village of Shadow difficulties. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more helpful guides, like where to find weapons and attachments and how to solve various puzzles.

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