Where to find a lockpick - Resident Evil Village

Find a lockpick and start cracking open easy-to-pick locks in Resident Evil Village.


When you first start Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across a lot of locks that are, allegedly, easily picked using a lockpick. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear on where to find lockpicks or whether you get a lockpick kit. For those that want to open every lock, finding a lockpick is going to be a top priority.

Where to find a lockpick

The lockpicks in Resident Evil Village are, unfortunately, single-use items. This means you will need to find one for every single lock you come across that requires a lockpick. Said locks always read: “An easy-to-pick lock”. All other locks are opened using either unique keys or by opening the door from the other side.

resident evil village lockpick
resident evil village lockpick location

One of the first lockpicks you can find in Resident Evil Village is in Castle Dimitrescu. After you make your way to the Kitchen for the first time, go through the door that leads to a hallway connected to the Dining Room (this will take you back to the Main Hall). The lockpick is on a dresser by the door.

resident evil village lockpick single use

With your first lockpick in hand, you can start the process of opening the easy-to-pick locks in Castle Dimitrescu. This is a good idea, as once you finish the Castle section, there’s no clear way to get back and you will definitely find more lockpicks to use in the village area. Remember, the lockpick will break after you use it, so choose wisely. Most of these locked drawers have ammo in them, so don’t fret over it too much.

Though each lockpick can only be used once, you will definitely find more lockpicks as you progress through Resident Evil Village. Explore every nook and cranny so you don’t miss any, and remember to try all your unique keys on any treasure chests you find. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more tips on where to find various items.

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