Atelier bell locations - Resident Evil Village

Find the five bells in the Atelier puzzle in Resident Evil Village.


The Atelier room in Resident Evil Village has five bells for players to find as part of a little puzzle. While there’s nothing overtly complicated about the order, actually spotting these well-hidden bells can prove to be a challenge, even for seasoned sleuths. Here’s where to find the five bells so you can unlock a new weapon.

Atelier bell locations

As you fight through Castle Dimitrescu, you will enter a room called the Atelier. In this room is a giant painting of Lady Dimitrescu and a little painting with the note, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” A few of these bells are easy to spot, but some may cause you some delay.

Bell 1

atelier bell puzzle resident evil village

The first bell in the Atelier room can be seen as soon as you walk in. It is on a little table below the balcony, sitting beside a statue and a bust. Attack this one with your knife to save ammo.

Bell 2

resident evil village atelier bells

The second bell is behind the wall, swinging on a pendulum with the gears and other mechanical objects. You will need to shoot it as it passes through a gap.

Bell 3

The third bell is on top of a cabinet on the side of the room you entered. It’s sitting up high beside a candle, in front of a painting, so you will need to use your handgun to shoot it.

Bell 4

The fourth bell is outside the room and can only be shot from the small balcony. Climb the stairs and look out the window to spot the bell in the distance. You will need to shoot it using your handgun.

Bell 5

The last bell to find in the Atelier room is in the chandelier. You can shoot it while standing on the balcony, though you will only be able to see the top of it.

Once all five bells in the Atelier room are found and shot or hit with your knife, the giant painting will swing back, granting you access to the next area of Castle Dimitrescu. Make sure you check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more puzzle solutions and other important bits of information.

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