10 Celebrities and athletes we want to see in Fortnite

We'd love to catch a victory royale or two playing as these famous people.


This season, Epic Games put Neymar Jr. in Fortnite as an unlockable character, putting the famed footballer in the rare club of real-life people to be recreated within Fortnite. Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Justin Jefferson are among the other handful in that same club. It got us thinking, what other real-life celebrities should join Fortntie alongside its hodgepodge of iconic pop culture characters?


This one seems like a bit of a no-brainer, and also has some decent merit to it. First and foremost, Drake was a part of the record-breaking Fortnite stream with Ninja back in 2018, when Fortnite was first rising to superstardom. What’s more, Drake even said on the aforementioned livestread that he would give the battle royale game a shoutout in a song if Epic Games put his Hotline Bling dance in Fortnite as an emote. Give Drizzy his Fortnite skin and you can pack in the long overdue Hotline Bling emote in as a part of the bundle!

LeBron James

Epic Games has proved that it loves tie-in marketing material for its battle royale game. Whether it be Marvel skins to celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame, or Batman skins to honor the caped crusader’s 80th anniversary, we know that Epic Games isn’t one to shy away from crossover promotion. With Space Jam: A New Legacy set to release this July, why not have its star, LeBron James join Fortnite? We already know that the plot of Space Jam 2 will have the Lakers’ star jumping through different fictional universes within the Warner Bros.’ pantheon, an appearance in Fortnite isn’t a far stretch. Besides, you could probably do some really cool things with his alternate skin styles and emotes.

Juju Smith-Schuster

Say what you want about the guy’s on-field performance, but Juju Smith-Schuster is a perfect fit for Fortnite. The guy has a long history with the game, and his array of Tik Tok dances would surely make some decent emotes. Juju was also a part of the Fortnite squad with Drake, Travis Scott, and Ninja, which led to some hilariously memorable moments. Let’s round it out and give the entire squad their own playable characters.

Dwayne Johnson

This one feels like a matter of “when” rather than “if.” The Rock is such an unstoppable force in the entertainment world, it’s only a matter of time before he and Epic Games reach an agreement to put his charismatic face on battle royale island. If you’re curious as to what cosmetics and emotes would potentially come with a Dwayne Johnson skin, look no further than his WWE career. Give me a “can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?” emote. Let me dress up like Dwayne Johnson in that iconic image with the black turtleneck and fanny pack. The possibilities are endless.

Auston Matthews

The Toronto Maple Leafs player was an avid Fortnite player in his early day, which is already enough to make a solid case for him. Plus, we’ve already got decent representation for just about every major sport in the battle royale game, let’s get some hockey players in there.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X’s diverse lineup of vibrant and expressive outfits already makes him an easy fit in the colorful and exaggerated world of Fortnite. He’s also got some damn good music that would undoubtedly be cool to hear in the game, paired with his music video and on-stage choreography. Lil Nas X recently did a live concert in Roblox, so you know he’d be game for some Fortnite action.

Hideo Kojima

What an absolute bundle of mystery Hideo Kojima is. Whether it be his bromance with Geoff Keighley and Norman Reedus, or the peculiar themes and imagery present in Death Stranding, it’s hard to get a handle on the guy. He’s also one of the greatest game developers ever, with his name attached to so many amazing products. If he showed up in Fortnite, it would be super weird, yet completely unsurprising.

Marshawn Lynch

One of the most charming athletes to ever play the game, Marshawn Lynch is about as hilarious as they come. Full of wisdom while also being the ultimate goofball, I’d love to see Marshawn Lynch bring his beast mode antics to Fortnite. It would be cool to see his skittles celebration put in the game as an emote similar to Justin Jefferson’s Griddy dance.

Ariana Grande

Fortnite already has a couple of fictional pop stars, why not bring in the real deal? From color and bouncy looks to a slew of charting hits, Ariana Grande is a pop star through and through, and would certainly bring some flair to the battle royale. Give me alternate skin styles for her Dangerous Woman and Sweetner looks, and throw in a thank u, next emote while you’re at it. It wouldn’t be Grande’s first video game appearance, as she popped up in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Tim Sweeney

That’s right, put Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in Fortnite. The man is an industry legend, with a long history of video game success that predates Fortnite. I’ll admit, I am not sure how creative you can get with emotes and alternate styles for a Tim Sweeney character, but I want it either way.

Those are all of the real-life people we’d love to see in Fortnite as playable characters. Some of them are definitely longshots, but Epic Games has proven time and time again that literally anything is on the table when it comes to Fortnite. What famous folks would you like to see make an appearance? Let us know in the Chatty down below!

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