Elon Musk has played Mind Pong with a Neuralink monkey

And thus we have an early finalist for Headline of the Year.


The future may be closer than we think. During a discussion today with Peter Diamandis during a live webcast, Elon Musk revealed that he has played Pong with a monkey via Neuralink interface. Musk said he was able to defeat the monkey but had optimism for future monkey performance in quick-twitch video games.

The anecdote about playing video games with monkeys came during a discussion on the X Prize Carbon Removal livestream. X Prize is a nonprofit organization that fosters competitions aimed at pushing the limits of technology for the betterment of mankind. X Prize’s 2021 Gigaton Scale Carbon Removal competition is funded directly by Musk and the Elon Musk Foundation to the tune of $100 million.

The competition’s goal is to inspire and help scale efficient solutions to collectively achieve the 10 gigaton per year carbon removal target by 2050, to help fight climate change and restore the Earth’s carbon balance. It is the largest financial incentive in X Prize history.

Neuralink was founded by Musk in 2016 for the purpose of brain-machine interfacing (BMI). Should the technology continue to develop at a rapid pace, what is the first game that you would choose to play with a monkey? Let us know in the comments.

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