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Carve Snowboarding unveiled at Oculus Gaming Showcase

Get ready for intense downhill action on Oculus headsets from the mind behind 1080 Snowboarding.


1080° Snowboarding defined a genre of extreme sports games. Now, creator Giles Goddard returns with Chuhai Labs to bring you a modern take on this Nintendo 64 classic. Carve Snowboarding aims to bring everything you love about classic snowboarding games and bring them into the future of VR. The new title was shown off today during the Oculus Gaming Showcase event.

Some features from the Oculus press brief include:

  • CONQUER THE SLOPES: Master some sick tricks and carve down the mountain your own way.
  • RIDE FAST: Speed down the slopes to set your best time on all six courses. Challenge your friends and take on the world by working your way up the online leaderboard.
  • UNLOCK NEW GEAR: Explore the mountain’s multiple paths and find all the rad gear — discover new boards, gloves, and even mixtapes.
  • SET YOUR SOUNDTRACK: Collect more than 50 songs ranging from synthwave to indie rock and customize your soundtrack for every run on the slopes.
  • RESET IN YOUR LODGE: Use this interactive space to kick back by the fire with your dog, select your gear, or create your custom mixtape for your next ride.

There were some rumblings that 1080° Snowboarding creator Giles Goddard was hard at work on a spiritual successor to the wildly popular Nintendo 64 snowboarding game.

"Technology has changed," Goddard explained to EuroGamer. "You can now have 100 players on a single mountain, and they're all playing each other, and you can real-time stream to YouTube - people can start playing with you and then stream with really fast networking and proper multiplayer.

"I'm aiming to emulate the snow across an entire mountain - that means overnight snowfalls lays fresh snow, you jump on your snowboard and go down and then compress the snow, and as you turn the snow pushes out and sprays across which then creates a new lump there which other people can then jump on that. It's basically simulating snow realistically - a fluid simulation, but with snow."

How much of this original vision has made it into Carve Snowboarding is not yet known, but winter sports fans can expect this one to arrive on Oculus headsets in the near future.

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