Tropico 6 gets new free content in honor of franchise's 20th anniversary

It's been 20 years of benevolent dictatorship in the island building and management sims of the Tropico series and Kalypso will be celebrating throughout the year.


It’s wild to think that it’s already been about 20 years since the very first Tropico introduced us to the fictional tropical island in which we took the the role of a leader with an iron fist to make our little nation as perfect as can be, but it’s true. The Tropico series has turned 20 years old today and because of that, Kalypso Media is launching new free content for Tropico 6 and promises more anniversary content throughout the year.

Kalypso Media revealed its anniversary plans for the Tropico franchise with a press release and trailer on the Kalypso Media YouTube channel on April 20, 2021. As of today, Tropico 6 is now discounted on various platforms (60% off on Steam for instance). What’s more, there’s a new event coming to the game in the form of hidden Piñata Llama hunt. Cute, yet elusive Piñata Llamas will be hidden throughout your island. By finding and breaking them, you’ll get your hands on new decorations, fireworks, and a sparkling gold mansion for El Presidente’s residence. Unfortunately, the Piñata event doesn’t extend to the Nintendo Switch version.

It’s not just Tropico’s anniversary being celebrated though. Kalypso is also celebrating a milestone with its 15th anniversary this year. Kalypso Media took over the Tropico franchise as of Tropico 3 back in 2009 after the publisher launched in 2006. Since then, Kalypso Media and developers on the Tropico series (most recently Limbic Entertainment on Tropico 6) have taken the franchise to some of its highest highs. Simply put, with Kalypso, it has been good to be supreme leader. We certainly enjoyed Tropico 6 when we reviewed it in 2019.

With the Piñata Llama hunt and various other anniversary fun coming to Tropico 6 today, be sure to stay tuned for more content and announcements coming for the franchise throughout this year.

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