ShackStream: skankcore64 Episode 54 - Mission: Possible

It's time for more skankcore64 and the quest to beat all N64 games released in North America live on Shacknews Twitch!


Happy Shacknews Day, everyone! I'm thrilled that the Shacknews 25th anniversary just happened to fall on a Wednesday! That means it's another extra special episode of skankcore64 tonight, right after The Stevetendo Show. Don't miss a moment when I go live later at 9 p.m. PT / 12 a.m. ET on Shacknews Twitch.

Episode 54 - Mission: Possible

What an incredible day for Shacknews, 25 years and still going strong! If there was no Shacknews, there would be no skankcore64. This project started from my passion for doing it for Shacknews and turned into a regular part of the weekly schedule. After fifty episodes, I still feel fortunate every time I go live. It's been an amazing ride so far and it's still in the beginning! If you haven't tuned into the show yet, tonight is a perfect time to start because I am committing to rolling credits.

It's time for the fifth and final mission in Mission: Impossible. They said they were sending Ethan Hunt on a vacation after dealing with all that disavowing and mole nonsense. Somehow, I don't quite believe the last levels will involve sipping drinks with paper umbrellas. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch the thrilling conclusion here with the embedded viewer. For spies of a particular skill set, your expertise is required at the official Shacknews Twitch HQ for debriefing.

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From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years. You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library and follow him on Twitter @skankcore.

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