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So Real interview: Next-gen tech for creating lifelike 3d models

New technology from this Swiss firm allows for the quick creation of 3d models from real-life objects.


As content creation begins to move further into the realm of 3D thanks to market adoption for VR and augmented reality equipment and experiences, the need for high-quality models is at an all-time high. One firm in Switzerland is banking on 3D scans of everyday items that are of the highest quality and come with physical parameters that make them ideal for many types of customers.

Our Video Editor Greg Burke was granted a chance to sit down with Raffael Dickreuter, Head of Film and AR at So Real. The pair spoke about the technology the company uses for its 3D scans and what they can offer content creators.

So Real’s scanning technology aims to fully automate the process of creating lifelike 3D models that are ready to be imported into game engines or VR/AR projects. Dickreuter says that objects processed by So Real have physical properties and that information can be used by the programs the objects are imported into.

For example. An engineer working with Unreal Engine can bring in an item such as an axe into the editor. In addition to having a fully 3D surface scan, the axe would also come with other important details such as the weight and density of objects. This allows for easy integration of physics systems with the objects. The idea is that content creators can pull up and integrate objects from So Real to work with any endeavor and save a lot of precious time.

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