Twitter reportedly entered talks to acquire audio app Clubhouse

Though discussions are currently on hold, social media giant Twitter had serious interest in rival platform Clubhouse earlier this year.


Another day passes and, with it, news of a potential Silicon Valley acquisition. According to Bloomberg sources, Twitter has its eyes on upstart voice chat social network Clubhouse. Twitter reportedly held talks to discuss acquiring the buzzworthy app earlier this year.

The Bloomberg report mentioned that Twitter (TWTR) shares were up 3 percent on news of the discussions with invite-only social network Clubhouse. The drop-in-and-listen feature that is the hallmark of Clubhouse’s business and is considered to be a killer feature that most large social networks have announced plans to offer in some fashion. 

Twitter’s own competing endeavor, known as Spaces, is still in beta form and continues to restrict most users from creating or hosting public discussions. At a press briefing on Wednesday, Twitter head of revenue product Bruce Falck said the social media company is considering ways to monetize Spaces, but those discussions are still in the earliest stages.

Clubhouse recently began offering its Clubhouse Payments system to allow followers to give money over to the platform’s content creators. It outlined the monetization in a recent blog post. Should the two companies eventually work out a deal, it could put Twitter in the driver’s seat of a rapidly expanding chunk of the social media market. It wouldn’t be the first time the company has taken a risk on audio/visual accouterments to its core services, as Twitter acquired video-sharing service Vine in 2012.

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