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Tim Cook confident in Apple's case against Epic Games

The Apple CEO defends the merits of his company's walled-garden in a podcast interview released today.


With the big legal showdown between Apple and Epic Games sets to kick off next month, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Kara Swisher from the New York Times to speak about the company. During this interview, Swisher broached the topic of Apple vs Epic Games and Cook explained the thought process behind Apple’s argument and affirmed his confidence in the case.

“It’s about living up to the rules and the guidelines of the App Store. And they had done that for years and then had decided evidently that they didn’t want to follow the rules anymore, and had passed something through app review and then after it had been through app review, changed it on the server side. So it was sort of a deceitful move. And so we’re going into court. We’re coming to tell our story. We’re going to talk about the privacy and security aspects of the store. And we’re confident in our case.”

When pushed on why he thinks Apple must be the party in control of what makes it onto the App Store, Cook argued, “Well, I think somebody has to. I think somebody has to curate, right? Because users aren’t going to come there and buy things if they don’t have trust and confidence in the store. And we think our users want that.” Cook claimed that allowing the side-loading of store apps not under Apple control would lead to security risks and privacy concerns.

During the podcast, Cook also gave his thoughts on how much longer he would last as Apple CEO and how far along Apple ventures into autonomous vehicles have progressed. For the full interview, head on over to the New York Times’ Slay podcast website.

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