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Brink Bionics interview: Controlling games with your mind

A cool new way to interface with your favorite games, the Brink Bionics Impulse controller attempts to shorten the time between when your mind makes a choice and your fingers respond.


What if there was a way to improve your in-game performance in competitive FPS or MOBA titles beyond countless hours of practice? The folks at Brink Bionics, developers of the Impulse Neuro-Controller believe that they can help gamers by shortening the time it takes decisions made in the brain to reach your fingers. The Impulse is loaded with sensors that use machine learning to assist gamers in tapping a mouse button as fast as possible. In gaming situations where the difference between winning and losing can be measured in milliseconds, every moment counts.

Our Video Editor Greg Burke got an opportunity to sit down with Erik Lloyd, CEO of Brink Bionics to chat about the Impulse controller and the underlying technology that could change the way we interface with PCs.

Designed by leading researchers in neural interfaces and bionic limbs from the University of Waterloo, Impulse is the first gaming peripheral that enables you to react at the speed of thought by recognizing your intention to click your mouse. Commands activated with Impulse are faster than mouse clicks by up to 80 milliseconds, paving the way for an unprecedented gaming experience.

Impulse has built-in sensors that use a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to read your muscles’ biosignals and predict your clicking intentions. Essentially, we’re cutting out the time lag between when you think about clicking and when your finger actually executes on that movement through muscular contraction.

 Impulse weighs less than 50 grams and works with any gaming mouse, so you don’t need to change your existing gaming setup to use it.

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