Last Oasis celebrates year one with Xbox release and Season 3 launch

Last Oasis is celebrating a full year on Steam Early Access by kicking off Season 3 and deploying the game's Xbox version.


The team at Donkey Crew has a lot to celebrate on Friday. To those watching the ID@Xbox presentation, they may have just seen a trailer for Last Oasis and moved right along. But there's much more to it beyond the pretty visuals, because the trailer also marks the game's first birthday on PC and its arrival on Xbox platforms.

For those who have been on the Last Oasis train for a full year, there's a lot to look forward to. That includes the new Ancient City map, a new flying Raptor Sky Walker, and the Sandworm. Yes, Worm Sightings will start appearing on the World Map, so players can make a beeline for the massive creatures and take them down for some valuable resources. On top of that, look for the new Kali Spires Hard+ oasis, which will add new vertical gameplay, as well as new PvE scenarios.

If you're an Xbox player, this will be your first opportunity to get into Last Oasis. Donkey Crew has been working with developer Abstraction Games to get the Xbox version of the game running. The goal between the two teams has been to create an Xbox experience that's on par with what's available on PC. Players can jump into realms with PC players and enjoy cross-platform play or they can opt to populate realms exclusively for Xbox users.

Last Oasis is available now on Steam Early Access and is now available as part of Xbox Game Preview. The final release date is still coming soon. For now, be sure to browse through the full patch notes on the Last Oasis Steam page, which also includes a full developer statement regarding the current state of the game.

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