Path of Exile sets Ultimatum release date, promises details on sequel

A new livestream is set to reveal new details on Path of Exile's Ultimatum expansion, as well as offer a progress update on the status of Path of Exile 2.


Path of Exile is preparing for its next big update. As players continue to run through the current Echoes of the Atlas expansion, the team at Grinding Gear Games is gearing up for a brand new update called Ultimatum, which is set to release in April. A new teaser for the next expansion was revealed on Wednesday.

Beyond this teaser, there is little known about Path of Exile: Ultimatum. If the pattern holds true from previous expansions, look for some brand new mechanics, as well new character build opportunities, new items, game system updates, balance changes, and a new limited-time league. The expansion for the free-to-play action game is set to release on Friday, April 16.

While new updates and expansions for Path of Exile are always exciting, some may have questions regarding the progress of Path of Exile 2. The highly-anticipated sequel was originally revealed during the 2019 ExileCon event, but there has been little said about it since. The development team will break their silence during a special livestream presentation, which is set to air on Thursday, April 8 at 1PM PT. This stream will reveal the Ultimatum expansion in full detail, but it will also offer up the first new details on Path of Exile 2 since its initial announcement.

The Path of Exile expansion, featuring the full Ultimatum reveal and new details on Path of Exile 2, is set to air on the Path of Exile Twitch channel. We'll be watching everything unfold here at Shacknews, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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