Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to Xbox, PS5, or PC?

Learn if Monster Hunter Rise is going to stay a Nintendo Switch exclusive or whether it's coming to other platforms.


Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in the long-running Monster Hunter series, and right now, it’s only on Nintendo Switch. For a lot of players, the desire to play the game on other platforms is strong, which leaves most wondering whether Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox, PS5 or even PC. Unlike other Nintendo Switch exclusives, there is some good news for those willing to wait.

Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to Xbox, PS5, or PC?

Firstly, some good news: Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC in early 2022. This exciting bit of information was revealed in a GamesRadar interview with series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. In the interview, Tsujimoto states, “We’ve decided to move forward with a PC version,” and that the version will be released in early 2022. This decision to release on PC follows fan feedback with users requesting the Switch exclusive come to PC.

monster hunter rise pc xbox ps5
While it's been revealed Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC, there's no news on an Xbox or PlayStation release.

This is certainly exciting news, especially for those players that were introduced to the franchise with 2018’s Monster Hunter World on PC. Unfortunately, Tsujimoto makes no mention of an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 version of the game. However, given that it was fan feedback that spurred on the decision to develop a PC version, with enough voices there could be a chance players see the title come to the other major platforms.

While Monster Hunter Rise has been confirmed for release on PC in early 2022, there’s still no word on the game coming to the Xbox or PlayStation platforms. But as these things tend to go, we could very well see the developers port the game across so that more people get to experience the excitement of hunting monsters. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for any news surrounding potential releases as well as a wealth of information and guides for those with a Switch version or plans to get a PC copy!

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