Atomic Heart Photo Mode trailer shows off its highly porous 4K realtime in-game details

Not only did we get a good look at the finer details of Mundfish's upcoming sci-fi shooter Atomic heart, but also the Photo Mode with which you can capture it.


When Mundfish showed off its upcoming first-person sci-fi adventure Atomic Heart in 2018, it definitely caught our attention with its strange brand of alternate universe Soviet future. Moreover, even in 2018 it looked rather polished and fancy in its presentation. Well, if you thought it looked good back then, Mundfish had a visual spectacle to show you in its latest trailer which showcased its next-gen 4K details and Photo Mode.

Mundfish dropped the Atomic Heart 4K Photo Mode trailer via the game’s YouTube channel on March 22, 2021. It begins with a very, very close-up look at the porous face and hair follicles of a person before panning out to show they’re in for the fight of their lives against a swarming array of robotic drones and sentries. They have a sparking firearm in one hand and are blasting sprouts of wiring out of an opening on their palm in the other hand. Panning even further back, we see a vast valley arena of robots coming in against waves of lasers being fired from the fellow as tech and nature fill the backdrop. And finally we see some kind of floating structure with an electrical field around as it coasts over the battle below.

The latest look at Atomic Heart is a gorgeous one, and particularly interesting if we'll be allowed to freely stop and capture these details with the game’s Photo Mode. The game has been confirmed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and even back in 2018, NVIDIA announced Atomic Heart was among the list of games getting DLSS support. It’s unknown if previous-gen consoles will be able to capture this level of detail, but it's still rather impressive to see the whole moving camera of this game that has already contained high levels of detail in previous trailers and reveals.

Atomic Heart still doesn’t have a release yet date, but it seems Mundfish will have something more to reveal in the near future. Here’s hoping we get to see more gameplay to find out if it can keep up with all of the details being shown off.. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to follow Atomic Heart for further news and updates such as release date.

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