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How to change your appearance - Monster Hunter Rise

Give your hunter a makeover by changing your appearance in Monster Hunter Rise.


While the main focus of Monster Hunter Rise is hunting monsters, it’s also a game about looking your best while hunting monsters. Some players might start the game and not put too much effort into how they look. If you find yourself unhappy with your hunter’s looks, there’s some good news, you can change your appearance in Monster Hunter Rise. Here’s how to give your hunter a bit of a makeover.

How to change your appearance

Changing your appearance in Monster Hunter Rise is a simple process. This can be done at any time throughout the game, so feel free to tweak your looks whenever the mood takes you. All of this can be done via the Item Box in your room in Kamura or at the Item Box beside Hinoa.

  1. Go to Kamura
  2. Enter your room either by walking to it or quick travelling to it
  3. Interact with the Item Box
  4. Select Appearance Settings
  5. Choose Change Appearance and then confirm
monster hunter rise change appearance
Your appearance can be changed in your room or at the Item Box in Kamura.

After you confirm you want to change your appearance, you will be taken to a screen similar to the character creation screen. You will find all the same options you had when you first created your hunter.

On this screen, you can adjust everything about your hunter, from their hairstyle and eyebrows, to their facial hair, various makeup options, and clothing. Unfortunately, you are unable to change your hunter’s gender and cannot alter the appearance of your Palamute or Palico.

As you progress through Monster Hunter Rise, you will no doubt unlock new and exciting armor that changes how you look. However, if you find that the hairstyle you picked at the beginning isn’t quite what you want – or your makeup needs tweaking – you can change your appearance at any time. Be sure to take a moment and stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more tips and helpful guides to assist you through this complex and rich game.

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