GALAHAD 3093 lead talks gaming industry history & how times have changed

Shacknews sits down to talk with GALAHAD 3093 lead, David Whatley, about the current state of the gaming industry and how things have changed over the years.


GALAHAD 3093 is an upcoming mech-based shooter developed by Simutronics. Recently, Greg Burke had a change to sit down and speak with the studios’ CEO, David Whatley about the game’s development and even how the industry has changed over the past several years.

One of the biggest changes, Whatley noted, is that games often release with a ton of problems that could have been taken care of before it was pushed to consumers. While bugs and issues have always been an issue, the current state, he says, is unacceptable.

“You look at the state of games that go out the door—I’m not gonna name names, you know what I’m talking about—I think, it’s my own personal opinion that this is just unacceptable. People need to take pride in their craft.”

Whatley spends the rest of the interview discussing how Simutronics itself tends to work, and how the studio usually hires people and helps them grow within the environment, fostering a “results-oriented” approach to game development.

It’s an interesting interview, and one that fans of the upcoming GALAHAD 3093 will want to check out as Whatley digs a bit deeper into some things—like the testing of a VR game years ago, and even the possibility of exploring VR games in the future, when VR is more viable.

You can watch the full interview via the embed above, or on YouTube. For more GALAHAD 3093, be sure to head over to our main hub page. We also recommend checking out the Shacknews YouTube, where we’re always posting new gameplay, behind-the-scenes videos, and of course, more interviews just like this. In fact, we have a ton of GALAHAD content already up on our channel, so be sure to check that out for more info about the game’s development process.

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