David Giltinan interview: The voice of Stay Awhile and Listen

The man behind that audio version of David Craddock's outstanding Diablo retrospective chats with us about the process of bringing a book to life.


Admittedly, I am not the least biased person you could hear this from, but David L. Craddock’s book Stay Awhile and Listen is arguably the finest tome ever published in the genre of video game history. It offers an exhaustive account of how the Diablo franchise came to be, directly from the mouths of the folks who made the games. Like any great book, Stay Awhile and Listen has also been issued in audio form.

Our own video editor Greg Burke got the opportunity to sit down and speak with David Giltinan, the voice actor who was tapped to narrate the Stay Awhile and Listen audiobook. He and Greg go over the process of auditioning, recording, and everything else involved in bringing the book to a new format.

Giltinan ultimately got involved in the project due to his existing relationship with author David L. Craddock. The pair had been on podcasts together and Craddock knew Giltinan was working on a career in voiceovers and asked his friend to consider auditioning for the Stay Awhile and Listen audiobook.

The process of prepping for voice recording is discussed as well as looking for work in the field. Giltinan mentions during the interview that he would love the opportunity to narrate a Bill Murray biography. For more personal anecdotes and inside information on the world of voice acting, be sure to check out the full interview in the embed above.

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