Severed Steel to bring neon-soaked action gunplay to PC & consoles this summer

Digerati and Greylock Studio are set to deliver a single-player first-person shooter so full of slow motion stunts and bullet ballet that John Woo would weep in joy.


A good banquet of bullets and movement in games never fails to impress if done well. Creating good movement mechanics and giving players the firepower and environments to make their gameplay sing is an art that we here at Shacknews can appreciate. Maybe that’s why Severed Steel caught our eye, a new first-person shooter full of bullet-time mechanics, stylish movement, and action coming to PC and consoles sometime in Summer 2021.

Publisher Digerati and developer Greylock Studio officially announced Severed Steel via a sweet-looking trailer and Steam page on March 15, 2021. Players take on the role of Steel in this game, a former security employee of corporate entity EdenSys. When an accident takes her arm, the company leaves her for dead, but Steel survives and goes after revenge. Severed Steel has the player performing bullet ballet through guards in neon voxel environments. As a one-armed protagonist, Steel can wield weapons, but can’t reload them on the fly. That means taking every weapon you can get, even those of enemies, and ripping them apart in your non-stop run towards vengeance.

Severed Steel draws influences from a number of iconic first-person ventures before it, including Black, F.E.A.R., Mirror’s Edge, and Half-Life mod “The Specialists”. That said, the sheer amount of adaptive gunplay, slow-motion physics, and stylish movement make it hard not to see the best parts of SUPERHOT in here as well. The severed arm is an interesting mechanic that also makes for some unique activity as you both efficiently use your weapons and remain on the lookout for a new one at any given time you need it.

Severed Steel has been given a release window of Summer 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You might want to make room on your 2021 gaming calendar and stay tuned as we continue to follow this game for updates and information leading up to its launch season.

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