GALAHAD 3093 interview: Mechs of the Round Table

Simutronics Corp. is building a faster, more frantic mech shooter for players yearning for arena-style combat.


Imagine a large-scale battle between the most advanced mech designs. A battle that takes place at breakneck speeds where pilot reaction times and navigational skill can be the difference between victory and becoming a flaming wreck. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the folks at Simutronics Corp. might have the game you’ve been looking for. GALAHAD 3093 is currently in development for PC and aims to marry arena shooters and mech combat for a top-flight multiplayer experience.

Our Video Editor Greg Burke was able to sit down with David Whatley, CEO of SImutronics, and the pair discussed the ideas behind GALAHAD 3093 and what separates it from traditional mech combat offerings.

The mechs in GALAHAD 3093 are known as Lances. Players can outfit their Lance with a variety of weaponry and equipment tailored to meet specific battlefield needs. The Lances are much more nimble than traditional mechs, able to jump great distances and capable of skimming across surfaces at speed, much like terrain traversal in classic PC shooters such as Tribes. The freedom in player movement allows the level designers to create battlegrounds that reward the clever use of vertical space, something that is uncommon in the genre. 

To further mix things up, GALAHAD 3093 offers hero characters with special abilities, both passive and active. These mechs are known as Knights and are designed around classic Arthurian figures. Here are just a few examples:

  • Wielding X-Calibur, Arthur can call down an orbital strike on his enemies.
  • Gwen’s Royal Dome shields yourself and your allies from damage.
  • Afterburn allows Kay’s skim jets to spread a trail of burning napalm.
  • Perfect extreme maneuvers with Mordred’s Teleport ability.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on GALAHAD 3093 should head over to the Steam store page for the game. Once there, it's possible to sign up for playtest sessions. 

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