PSA: Dogecoin Game Jam voting ends this Wednesday

Make sure to check out the Dogecoin Game Jam and vote before it comes to a close later this week.


Game jams can be a great way for developers to test out new ideas and just take a break from the usual development that they spend their days doing. In case you missed out on the news when it started, the Dogecoin Game Jam is currently still ongoing, with voting set to end this Wednesday.

There are 35 entries up for the Dogecoin Game Jam, which means plenty of Dogecoin related games to check out. The game jam is hosted by Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin. Like most game jams, entries aren’t expected to be perfect, with Markus writing the following message on the game jam’s page:

“Don’t worry about the game being a masterpiece – all submissions related to Dogecoin will be appreciated and played!”

A look at some of the games currently available in the Dogecoin Game Jam.

The games in the jam can all mostly be played within your browser, so it’s easy to jump in and check them out. Submissions will be ranked publicly in a few different sets of criteria, including: Most WOW, Most Absurd, Most Fun, and Most Doge.

Voting is set to end on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 and there is currently 1 day and 11 hours or so left to vote at the time of this article’s publishing. The exact timing of voting closing should be around 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

If you want to check out some sweet Dogecoin inspired games, then you can head over to the jam’s page and view all the different submissions. As always, feedback on the games included in the jam is appreciated by the creators and will only help highlight those developers even more.

The Dogecoin Jam started back in February, and developers had until March 3 to submit their games. Now, you can help decide who the winners will be by heading over and voting for your favorite games in the Dogecoin Jam before the deadline closes this Wednesday.

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