The Bus is a new bus-driving sim featuring a full-scale Berlin, coming to early access

Prolific simulation publishers Aerosoft and TML-Studios are bringing their award-winning pedigree to a new generation of game as The Bus enters early access this March.


Simulation games have a way of whisking us away to places we could otherwise not go and making rather conventional jobs a relaxing and appealing form of game. Aerosoft has been in this genre for years and knows its way around, and its about to take that understanding to a new level alongside developer TML-Studios with The Bus. It’s a recently announced commercial bus-driving simulator that allows players to drive and work around a 1:1 scale Berlin, Germany and is coming to early access this month.

Aerosoft unveiled an early access launch date for The Bus on March 8, 2021. The game is set for an early access launch on Steam on March 25, 2021. Quite an ambitious project, The Bus allows players to take on the commercial transportation business in Berlin, Germany, moving tourists and commuters from place to place around the city. The Bus’s Berlin is built to be full-scale in comparison to the actual city, giving players a rich and full city to explore in fascinating detail.

TML Studios itself has a lot of previous experience in the simulator genre, having previously worked on titles and franchises such as The World of Subways and various Bus Simulator titles set previously in locations such as New York and Munich. Even in early access, The Bus promises to be a rich experience in that vein with features like a freeplay single-player mode, line editors, ticket commerce and validation, AI traffic, a day and night cycle, and more. According to the Steam page, The Bus is expected to remain in early access till around 2022 while the team develops further features such as multiplayer, modding tools, an “Economy mode” bus business building campaign, and more.

If you’re looking for a relaxing new simulator title to explore with some pretty good scenery to match, then The Bus is definitely worth a watch throughout the coming year.

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