Apple faces new lawsuit alleging 'planned obsolescence' of iPhone

A lawsuit from Portugal accuses the tech giant of intentionally slowing older devices with new software.


A new lawsuit filed in Portugal alleges that Apple has deliberately slowed the operation of its older iPhone models in an attempt to push customers towards new devices.

The suit comes by way of the Portuguese Consumer Protection Agency, Deco Proteste. In a statement, the agency claims that Apple "deliberately manipulated, and without informing its users, the performance of its most popular devices... in doing so, it forced thousands of users to replace the battery of their devices or buy a new smartphone, to their expectations."

Nearly three years ago, both Apple and Samsung were issued fines by Italian antitrust authorities pertaining to the planned obsolescence of certain iPhone models. Deco Proteste claims "Portuguese consumers deserve the same treatment," offering its reasoning behind the new suit.

Deco Proteste has produced a video that encourages Portuguese mobile phone consumers to join them in the fight against Apple. The firm points towards the release of iOS 11 as the point where Apple allegedly began to artificially degrade device performance and say that all owners of all compatible Apple devices deserve compensation.

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