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How to get 12 players in a raid - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players have figured out a glitch that allows 12 players to enter a raid, Nightfall, and other activities.


Playing a raid or Nightfall activity with 12 players is not a normal thing you can usually do in Destiny 2. In fact, there’s a good chance this will be patched rather quickly, so anyone that wants to take on Taniks or fight through the Garden of Salvation as a 12-player Fireteam will need to get on this as soon as possible.

How get 12 players in a raid

Destiny 2 is full of creative players and it would appear that it’s become possible to get 12 players into a raid. Reddit user Munchificator has put together a few steps explaining how to easily make this happen.

  1. Split your 12-player Fireteam into two groups: 5 players and 7 players
  2. Host of the Fireteam with 7 players clicks join and waits on “Bring fireteam with you?” prompt
  3. Fireteam of 5 players launches the raid
  4. When the countdown timer gets to 2 seconds, the host of the 7-player group selects join
  5. All 12 players should now be in the raid

There are a couple of things to remember when you’re setting this up. Firstly, it can be a good idea to have the two Fireteam leaders to be closer together to cut down on any connectivity issues or lag. Secondly, it all comes down to timing. If the joining fails you can keep trying it, adjusting your timing based on the countdown clock. Munchifactor offers the following example:

If you end up with a 12 person fireteam in orbit, you need to join a little later. If you end up with 5 people in the raid you need to join a little earlier.

It’s also worth noting that the Fireteam that is launching the activity must have a spare slot. This means if you’re launching into the raid, there must be no more than 5 players or if you’re launching into a Nightfall no more than 2 players in the group. Meanwhile, the other party has the remaining players.

YouTuber Scrub has the following video that showcases the 12-player raid in action as well as a pinned message with some FAQs.

Players have long hoped for a way to play a raid with more players and now they have it. While having 12 players in a raid might not be legit (and very likely to get patched soon), it’s at least a bit of fun and will likely result in a few hilarious videos. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more tips and tricks!

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