Facebook's AR smart glasses could feature facial recognition technology

Facebook Head of Hardware Andrew Bozworth that Facebook is 'looking at' facial recognition tech for its upcoming AR smart glasses, as long as consumers are comfortable with it.


As Facebook continues to invest and lean into a very augmented reality (AR)-heavy lineup of products in the near future, so too does it consider the types of features and technology that consumers would like to see out of these products. We already know Facebook smart glasses are well on the way. Apparently, in addition to various other confirmed features, the upcoming AR devices could feature facial recognition technology if it deems users are comfortable with that.

The tease of facial recognition technology in Facebook smart glasses reportedly comes from Head of Hardware Andrew Bozworth, as reported by CNBC. According to Bozworth, facial recognition technology is a thing that Facebook is “looking at” in relation to AR devices, but it’s a topic that the company wants to ensure will be comfortable to consumers in considering whether to support its upcoming smart glasses products.

“It’s really a debate we need to have with the public,” Bosworth explained. “If people don’t want this technology, we don’t have to supply it. The product is going to be fine either way. There are some nice use cases out there, if it’s something people are comfortable with.”

Facebook officially revealed its Project Aria smart glasses product during Facebook Connect 2020. Set for a launch sometime in 2021, Project Aria will provide users with both a prescription and standard AR smart glasses experience with access to various applications and everyday ease-of-use features. It was recently revealed in a Buzzfeed report that as Facebook continues to work on Project Aria, it’s checking into the legal considerations of facial recognition as a part of this upcoming technology as well.

With all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see how the public responds and where Facebook falls on actually including facial recognition in AR products like Project Aria. As we wait to see how it will affect Facebook’s smart glasses development, stay tuned for further news and updates leading up to the supposed launch in 2021.

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