Project Triangle Strategy demo available today, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

Square Enix revealed Project Triangle Strategy at today's Nintendo Direct. You can get the demo now, but you're gonna have to wait a bit for the full game.


Square Enix has announced Project Triangle Strategy, a new turn-based RPG for the Nintendo Switch. During the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix presented another all-new strategy RPG with an art style and working title very similar to Project Octopath Traveler. A demo is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and the final release is slated for sometime in 2022.

The 'Project' part was eventually dropped from the last "HD-2D" strategy RPG from Square Enix and Acquire, leaving just Octopath Traveler. There's no telling what the final name of Project Triangle Strategy will be but it's doubtful that it will end up being Triangle Strategy. However, the same thing was said about Octopath when all we knew of it was a working title and a gorgeous art style. It's the game behind the name that really matters, and Square Enix has shown us this new IP will be both familiar and fresh.

Taking place on the continent of Norzelia, Project Triangle Strategy features three nations that feud constantly over limited resources. Culminating in a conflict called the Saltiron War, a truce has been called but the peace is threatened once again. Players will take control of a group from the Glenbrook nation and fight to save their kingdom from downfall. The battle system in Project Triangle Strategy is more tactical than Octopath Traveler. Elevation, attack range, position, and unit coordination must be taken into consideration to gain the upper hand in skirmishes. Decision making will test player convictions during the story, greatly affecting how the game will play out.

Project Triangle Strategy is currently lined up for a 2022 release but eager players can download a playable demo from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now. Surveys will be emailed to the Nintendo Online accounts that participate in the demo to inform the developer with their feedback. For more from the latest Nintendo Direct, stop by our topic page for all of our coverage.

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