Nintendo Direct reveals No More Heroes 3 story and gameplay details

Nintendo and Grasshopper Manufacture show off No More Heroes 3 with an extended look at story and gameplay details.


The Nintendo Direct scoops keep coming with a descriptive trailer detailing No More Heroes 3 from Grasshopper Manufacture. The hack-and-slash game series that takes its name from a British punk album made a big scene on the Nintendo Wii in 2007. The adventures of Travis Touchdown are set to continue August 27 when No More Heroes 3 debuts exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Last time we heard news about No More Heroes 3, it was delayed but had picked up a new artist. More details are now available thanks to a trailer shown during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. An alien invasion has resulted in the destruction of an entire city. Aliens have taken over and are hosting an intergalactic superhero ranking tournament and of course, it's up to Travis to save the world.

Our favorite assassin with a beam katana must defeat the variety of bosses in over-the-top genre breaking battles. Unfortunately, he has to pony up some cash in order to afford a shot. There looks to be plenty of mini-games to play and digital chores to perform in order to secure the cash needed for the entry fee to the tournament. Each alien boss fight appears to encompass an entirely different playstyle and game genre with some really wild looking encounters. A new Death Glove is shown off for this third mainline No More Heroes entry and fourth installment of the franchise. With customizable skills that can be upgraded before each match, this improved accessory will be key in how you approach each of the distinct boss battles.

The pixel blasting neon assault on the senses that No More Heroes is teasing looks pitch perfect for Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture. The action is guaranteed to be fast, frantic, and weird. The Travis Touchdown thrill-ride is sure to excite when it releases on August 27, 2021.

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