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Rage 2 is Epic Games Store's next upcoming free game

Id Software and Avalanche Studios' post-apocalyptic open-world shooter sequel is set for Epic Games Store's free game next week.


Rage 2 was… well, it wasn’t perfect. Many would argue not even close, but there is some life somewhere in there. After all, this was the game from the group that had hit an absolute homerun with Doom’s revival in 2016. The story and world elements may not be up to snuff in Rage 2, but the weaponry and first-person shooter gameplay is most definitely there, and if you want to see what we’re talking about it, you’ll have a risk-free chance to do that next week when it’s free to claim and keep on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store revealed Rage 2 as its upcoming free game pretty recently on the Free Games page of the Epic Games Store client or website. Beginning on February 18, 2021 and running through February 25, players can head over that page or the Rage 2 product page and claim and download the game for free to keep. This will be the base version of the game. You’ll have to pony up a little something if you want DLC like Doom’s BFG in the game.

If that all of Rage 2 was only as good as its gunplay. Still, at the low price of free, that's not such a problem.
If that all of Rage 2 was only as good as its gunplay. Still, at the low price of free, that's not such a problem.

For what it’s worth, the gunplay, weaponry, and abilities in Rage 2 are where it shines. Id Software and Avalanche Games know what they’re doing when it comes that stuff and Rage 2 shows every mechanical first-person shooter element suitable of a game that followed the stellar action of Doom 2016. It’s kind of just… everywhere else that Rage 2 falls flat. A short campaign, boring and dull world, and flat main characters were just a few of the things that dragged the overall experience down and made it harder to recommend when we reviewed it back in 2019.

Nonetheless, free is a pretty palpable price to pay for this game and Rage 2’s gunplay is pretty good. If you at least want to enjoy some more id Software fps, Rage 2 can probably at least provide you the arenas and weaponry you need to gib unfortunate foes left and right. Such as the case, keep an eye on February 18 when you can claim the game at a more fitting price point.

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