Fuser 1.3 update patch notes add console video capture, Live Events & more

The latest update for Fuser adds in several new features and addresses some of the biggest bugs and issues.


The latest update for Fuser is now live, bringing a ton of new content to the game including Hot clips—a new creative tool—new Live Events, a video recording system on console, and more. We’ve got all the details below, so let’s jump right into the Fuser 1.3 update patch notes.

Fuser update 1.3 patch notes

Version 1.3 for Fuser is now available and those who have enjoyed playing the game will be happy to hear about some of the additions that are coming with this new update. Alongside the mentions features above, the new version also introduces fixes for audio cuts, DLC venue packs overwriting each other, and an issue that cause the Rewind function and Effects system to mess up when capturing a new mix.

Those interested in checking out the full update 1.3 patch notes will find them all below:

  • Go for a high score to earn exclusive prizes with our new Event Type: Live Set Events!
  • Hot Clips is a powerful new creative tool, which allows DJs to preview a disc before dropping it onto the decks, effectively adding a fifth loop to their mixes.
  • Now you can customize your Co-op Freestyle settings in public shows just like with private shows!
  • Streaming FUSER? Use the new "Stream-optimized" filter on the Crate Edit screen to dial in a set of songs that are monetizable for streaming.
  • Use the on-board video capture functionality of the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to capture and share mixes from anywhere in the game
  • Check your Profile to review all the mixes you've Liked -- or check someone else's to see what they're into lately!
  • Use new sort and filter mixes to view player’s mixes by date created, most-liked and most-viewed.
  • Save a 2nd Calibration value for Nintendo Switch so that you don’t have to recalibrate when you go from Docked to Undocked and back.

This update also includes a number of bug fixes and UX improvements.  Some highlights:

  • Fixed a PlayStation 4 issue where audio would cut out on exported mixes
  • Fixed an issue where DLC venue packs were overwriting each other.
  • Fixed an issue where Effects were not working properly with the Rewind function when capturing a Mix
  • Fixed an issue with the Swamp Stomp Reward Icon
  • Fixed an issue where Crowd FX were not appearing in Co-op Freestyle sessions
  • Fixed a graphics issue when evaluating mixes on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed a Playback issue with Muted discs
  • Fixed a cursor issue with the in-game Global Controls panel

As you can see, it’s a pretty hefty update, and based on the wording of the original post, it doesn’t sound like that list is everything that the patch fixes, it’s just the big highlights. For more on Fuser, make sure you check out our Fuser page. Want to get your hands on a VIP Edition of the game featuring the base game, DLC songs, and special in-game cosmetics? Then be sure to check out our Fuser VIP Edition giveaway.

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