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Valheim update 0.143.5 patch notes fix ore teleport hack

The latest patch notes for Valheim are here, bringing new fixes and the removal of the ore teleport hack.


Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio dropped a new patch for the survival crafting game early this morning, introducing a slew of small fixes to bugs and even some glitches that players had been using. The update 0.143.5 patch notes are rather short, but players will recognize some pretty big problems being addressed in the new version. Let’s take a look.

 Valheim update 0.143.5 patch notes

Among some fixes to dedicated servers, and improvements to the way the in-game server list, one of the most notable changes in this update is a fix to an ore teleport hack that many players had been using to get around the game’s limits when using the fast travel system.

valheim update 0.143.5 patch notes
You can no longer teleport ore using a glitch in Valheim.

Ores like Copper, Tin, Iron, and even later game metals were unable to be teleported through the various portals that players can use to be transported instantly across the world. To get around this, players would load the items in a chest near the portal, keep the chest UI open on their screen, and then transfer everything back over at the last moment, allowing them to bypass the limit. This update addresses the hack, as well as some other things. Here’s the full patch notes:

  • Ragdoll destruction network fix
  • Dedicated server ugly file-flag shutdown system removed (Use CTRL-C or SIGINT instead)
  • Updated reference server start scripts (Please update local copies)
  • World & character save improvements
  • Teleport ore chest hack fix
  • Remove structure resource dupe bug fix
  • Server map set to server name to make it filterable in steam server-browser
  • Localization fixes
  • Added enemy awareness indicator to enemy huds
  • Sneak tweaks
  • Added save directory override to dedicated servers (-savedir)
  • AI fixes
  • Lower dmg on deathsquitos
  • Fixed text-msg icon
  • Updated server manual PDF
  • More serverlist improvements (removed initial serverlist request to lower network trafic)
  • Carts detach when teleporting

It’s not a huge patch by any means, but it does show that Iron Gate Studio is paying attention to what players are doing. For more Valheim content, make sure you check out our Valheim guide.

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