CM Profiling interview: The future of interrogation

This company is using its Cryfe software and the power of modern computing to aid in profiling.


For many companies, the time spent on recruiting and interviewing applicants is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. A new Swiss-engineered software suite called Cryfe will be available from CM Profiling to help with this process. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze verbal responses and body language to gauge the real feelings of a subject beyond the words they say.

Shacknews video editor Greg Burke had a sit down with CM Profiling founder Carolin Matteuci at CES 2021 to discuss Cryfe and the technology behind the software.

The Cryfe software aims to tell interviewers about all the subtext of a filmed interaction. It promises to tell the truth about how a person feels on a given subject even if they are not that forthcoming with their verbal responses. It is built on the company’s expertise in profiling and years of work developing the underlying artificial intelligence. 

Subjects must remain in a fixed frame for the software to work most efficiently. Finished recordings are fed into Cryfe, which generates a report after analysis. As of now, the software does not operate in real-time. Video quality has an effect on the effectiveness, so for best results, internet video subjects should have steady connections and high-quality cameras.

There are obvious questions about the implications of such technology in regards to law enforcement and legal situations, though Matteuci says the focus is to help people.

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