Hacked Game Boy Color also functions as Apple TV remote

Not content to simply spend his days playing Super Mario Land, one Game Boy Color owner transformed his handheld into something entirely different.


The DIY community has a long history of altering and rebuilding everyday items into cool one-of-a-kind novelties. Recently an owner of Nintendo’s Game Boy Color made a series of modifications to his handheld that included integration of a functioning Apple TV remote. 

This unique Game Boy Color project comes to us by way of Italian Youtuber Otto Climan. This project is covered in a new video that explains the origins of the modifications and shows the process of the build.

Apple TV functionality was integrated into the Game Boy Color by way of a special cartridge that contains a ROM that communicates with the handheld’s built-in IR sensor. This sensor blasts signals at the set-top box to navigate menus, pause, or return to the home screen. The chassis of the Game Boy has also been modified to resemble classic Apple computer systems. 

To top it all off, the original display has been dropped for an improved version that includes its own backlight. Anyone who spent time trying to use these handhelds in low-light conditions can appreciate the massive upgrade that having a backlit display brings.

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