How to get Gold Magazines - Apex Legends

Here's where to find Gold Magazines in Apex Legends Season 8.


Apex Legends Season 8 has begun, bringing about changes to the Kings Canyon map, as well as introducing Fuse, the game’s newest Legend. One of the new additions in Apex Legends Season 8 is the Gold Magazine, which allows players to autoload their guns when holstered. This item is quite rare, but can be found scattered around the maps in Apex. Let’s look at where you can find Gold Magazines in Apex Legends Season 8.

Where to find Gold Magazines in Apex Legends

Gold Magazines can be found in Apex Legends the same way as most other rare loot: supply crates and ground loot. Since it’s a gold item, your chances of stumbling upon one are considerably low. Luckily, Apex Legends Season 8 also introduces explosive holds, small bunkers placed around the map that players can bust into for some valuable loot. All you need is a grenade in your inventory and you can blow the doors open, giving you access to guns and a slew of loot. Most of the accessories are purple and gold rarity, so you’ve got a solid chance of finding a Gold Magazine here.

Gold Magazines hold the same amount of ammo as Purple Magazines, but have an autoloader function. When a gun is holstered, it will automatically reload to max ammo after five seconds, and a message in the HUD will let you know when this has been completed. It can save you valuable time in the heat of battle. Gold Magazines come in different varieties, one for each weapon class. If you do find a Gold Mag, make sure the weapons in your loadout are compatible with it.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to find Gold Magazines in Apex Legends, you’re ready to drop into the battlefield and get the upper-hand on your opponents. For more on Apex Legends Season 8, stay right here on Shacknews.

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