System Shock remake pre-orders are coming soon, along with a final demo

Preorders for Nightdive Studios System Shock remake are closer than you think.


It’s been four years since the Kickstarter for Nightdive Studio’s ambitious remake of iconic sci-fi game System Shock was completed, bringing in $1.3 million in its crowdfunded campaign. Now, we’re finally approaching the final mile as Nightdive has announced preorders should arrive by the end of February.

The announcements came via the latest Kickstarter update from the devs and details just how well things are going at the moment. On top of opening preorders at the end of February, Nightdive will also launch a final pre-release demo. We spoke with NIghtdive about the System Shock remake a few months ago and learned quite a bit, including how the game's initial launch was hurt by the release of Doom 2.

First released in 1994, System Shock was originally developed by Looking Glass Technologies. Now, almost 30 years later, players will finally have a chance to return to Citadel Station with Nightdive Studio’s meticulous remake.

The upcoming release includes a completely remade Citadel Station, which has been recreated from the ground up with stunning new visuals. The team has also recorded new voice lines and added a ton of additional features and polish to the gameplay, with no plans to stop before release.

“We will still improve on the experience as we get closer to launch so please check it out and share your feedback with us on Discord,” the developers wrote on the Kickstarter page on January 22, 2021. “The feedback we’ve received for the previous demos has been invaluable to us and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.”

The final demo will feature the medical level as well as System Shock’s iconic cyberspace level. Nightdive has also promised a closer look at the dismemberment feature in the game and even console versions of the demo somewhere down the line.

No solidified release date was shared but knowing that the game is coming up for preorder means we have reached the final stretch. We did learn that all preorders of System Shock will come with System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. System Shock will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, as well as consoles at a later date.

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