Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge - Hitman 3

Learn how to complete the Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge in Hitman 3.


Each of Hitman 3’s iconic locations have plenty of things for players to do, including their own challenges and unique assassinations. In Dubai, players can complete the Angry Birdy challenge, which requires Agent 47 to assassinate Carl Ingram by making him strike an explosive golf ball. In this guide, we’ll break down how to complete this challenge, including where to find the Exploding Golf Ball you need to pull it off.

Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge – Hitman 3

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to simply spawn in with the Exploding Golf Ball, which can be unlocked by leveling up in Hitman 3. If you haven’t unlocked this item, though, you can luckily find one in the hotel in Dubai, which will allow you to complete the challenge.

If you already have the Exploding Golf Ball unlocked then you can scroll down to the section of this article titled how to get Carl to play golf for more information.

How to get the Exploding Golf Ball

The Exploding Golf Ball can be found by making your way up to the Maintenance Corridor found on the third level of the hotel. This area is located near the Server Room where you need to acquire administrator privileges when following the main narrative of the mission.

Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge - Hitman 3
Continue past this woman and deal with the worker around the corner first.

Once in the Maintenance Corridor, you should spot a young woman in a Maintenance uniform ahead talking on her phone. If you listen in you will hear her talking about how she locked up an Exploding Golf Ball that she brought to work because she was planning on killing someone with it. Listen to the full conversation to learn she has locked it in the nearby Maintenance Closet, which she has the key to.

Before you take her out and grab the key, make your way down to the end of the corridor, where another worker can be seen. This worker patrols between the shelf in the corner and a part of the railing overlooking the downstairs area. It’s easier to reach this location with a uniform of some kind—like the Penthouse Security uniform, but you can also do it "suit only" if you are sneaky enough.

With the first worker taken out, hide his body and then take out the female worker. Grab the key she drops and hide her body with the other worker’s. Now, head down the hallway to the end, where you’ll find the locked Maintenance door.

Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge - maintenance door
After dealing with both workers and getting the key, head inside the maintenance closet.

Unlock it and head inside to find the Exploding Golf Ball next to the toolbox beside the door at the end of the closet. This room is also the location of one of the many shortcuts available in Dubai, which you can use if you’ve already unlocked it.

Make your way up to the Penthouse area – this is why we recommended the Penthouse Security uniform – and head outside to the terrace area where the driving range is set up. To easily find this area, simply head up the stairs that lead to the Penthouse. Before continuing into the main section of the Penthouse, follow the path that leads to the right, towards a set of doors. These lead outside to the terrace.

Place the Exploding Golf Ball into the ball container and everything is prepped. Now you just need to get Carl to play golf.

How to get Carl to play golf

How to get Carl to play golf - hitman 3
To get carl here, you're going to need to complete a few other objectives first.

To get Carl Ingram to go outside and play golf, you’re going to need to upset him. This can be done by using audio devices in his room and the study to hinder any work that he has been trying to accomplish. Simply make your way up to his room and then wait for him to arrive. When he’s working – he has to actually be talking into his recorder – approach the vacuum cleaner outside the room and activate it to anger him. If you are successful, he will move down to the study. Follow him and wait for him to get settled in.

How to get Carl to Play Golf - Angry Birdy assassination challenge - hitman 3
Wait for Carl to get comfortable and start working again before activating the radio or vacuum cleaner.

Once in the study, wait for Carl to start working again and then activate the nearby radio. Be sure to hide every time you activate a noise device to keep from being detected by people investigating it. Once angered twice, Carl will head outside to the driving range where he will take his final swing.

Now that you know how to pull off the Angry Birdy Assassination Challenge, head back over to our Hitman 3 guides for more useful information and content.

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